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Of all of our digital marketing products, our email marketing campaigns have been the most popular and most successful.

This isn’t your grandma’s email! Gone are the days of sending out as many emails as possible, and hoping that someone who receives it opens it and then is actually interested in your business service.

Today, targeting is a science and there are many ways to target your exact audience. Using advanced targeting greatly increases your business conversion rate, because you are reaching people who are actually interested in your business.

You also save money by not paying to send your message to just anyone and everyone.

Targeting greatly affects the open rate of the emails we send. While the response rate of most email marketing and direct mail campaigns is between 2-3%, our targeted email marketing campaigns have an average open rate of 10-13%.

What makes our email marketing product unique is the quality and source of our database. We have partnered with many Tier 1 sources. We are able to access the database of many well-known online subscription services, as well as social media databases. This allows us to use first-party data to target recipients based on behaviors, interests, purchases, and more.

We can email potential customers and target them based on age, income, credit score, geography, and buying intentions (such as auto intenders, home buying intenders).

Once someone opens the email that is sent, we place a tracking pixel on their device. That allows us to follow someone no matter where they go after they open the email. They will then see display ads that match the email message they were originally sent. Think Amazon. When you search for something on Amazon and then leave the site, you are then exposed to display ads that match what you were searching for. We can do the same thing with our email marketing campaigns.

Lastly, some marketing can be hard to track and prove ROI. Our main goal at Big Thinkers Media is to be transparent and provide and much tracking and reporting as possible. With our email marketing campaigns, we are able to provide a free matchback report that proves the ROI of each campaign.

If your business provides us with the .csv or excel file of your sales, we will match the names and emails of your sales with the database of names and emails that received your email marketing.

We cross reference the names and then provide you with the list of names who we marketed to that ended up becoming new clients for you.

If you are interested in seeing how our email marketing campaigns could work for your business, contact us today at: mario@bigthinkersmedia.com.

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