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Many salespeople think they know what a business needs or wants, especially when it comes to advertising. Steven Covey once said, “seek first to understand and then to be understood.” I wanted to get firsthand insight on what business owners today think about advertising and what is most important to them.

I interviewed Steve Bird, owner of The Wood Guys and Bird Hardwood Floors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s owned his own business for more than 15 years and has tried almost every different type of advertising. I asked him several questions about why he buys, who he buys from and more.

He shared his thoughts on today’s advertising marketplace and gave some very candid answers.

How do you decide where to spend money on marketing?
Being able to track each lead that comes in or calls to see what is working.
What are the 3 most important factors that would make you invest in advertising?
How much it will cost
How effective is it
Can I drop it whenever I want
How important is digital marketing vs branding and awareness?
Digital marketing is most important, then branding and awareness is second.
What do you look for in an advertising sales rep?
I want my sales rep to understand my business and not try out every new gimmick or idea on me. My rep should actually care about my business and not their commission.

What would cause you to buy from one sales rep and not another?

If a rep shows up all the time wanting a commitment, it’s a turnoff. Trust would be the biggest factor to buy from a rep.

Assuming you get calls from salespeople, what makes you talk to one and not another?

I’ll talk to anyone a couple of times before I buy anything or not. However, I hate advice from someone who doesn’t know me or my business.

If you could say something to advertising companies that they should change what would it be?

Study the client’s business and build a relationship of trust. Don’t come out of a seminar and force ideas on us or make us listen to a spill over lunch. Ad companies think lunch is effective but it’s a waste of time when I could be doing something else.

So there’s just a small glimpse into what a business owner thinks about advertising in today’s marketplace. Hopefully no matter what type of advertising you sell, you find his answers helpful.

FYI… I’m canceling my next lunch appointment.