This is not your grandma’s email. Long gone are the days of sending out mass emails to strangers and hoping that someone would actually open your email. With today’s targeting technology, Big Thinkers Media can target your exact demographic. For example, if your business’ ideal target is women, ages 40+, income 50k+, and live within 10 miles of your business, we can target ONLY those people who match your ideal target audience! By being able to target an exact audience, we lower the waste that is spent on most traditional marketing. According to most stats, the average response rate for conquesting email marketing and direct mail marketing is around 2% – 3%. Because we are able to target only individuals who fit your perfect prospect, we have delivered many successful email marketing campaigns with an average response rate of 10% – 13%! Plus, once a person opens your email we can also retarget them wherever they go after they open your email. To make things even better, we can also provide a postal match back list that includes the name and address of everyone who opened the emails. To get a list of how many people fit your ideal target audience in your area email us at: