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While digital marketing may be the easiest and most affordable to do for most businesses, traditional media is still the most effective medium for branding and awareness. In fact, even Google says that the #1 cause for searches on their platform was television advertising. If you pay attention, you will see many national commercials for Google.

At Big Thinkers Media, we use several data subscriptions to help make media buying the best it can be for your business. We subscribe to Nielsen, which gives us the most accurate ratings and insights available. We can take your budget and analyze the best possible rate, reach, frequency, cost per spot and gross rating points for your budget and media buy, giving you the best return on investment.

We also subscribe to Media Monitors. This allows us to monitor your competitors and see where they are spending money on television and radio. We can monitor their spends on specific stations and programs, and we can also see and hear the actual ads being run on each station.

So you can see the sale or promotion a competitor is running to make sure you aren’t losing business because of a major sale or offer.

We work with every major TV station in multiple markets across the country. We also work many of the largest radio groups such as iHeart Radio, Cumulus Radio, Summit Media, Sinclair and many more.

Our buying power gives us some of the best rates available, giving your business a much better reach and frequency for your budget.

Big Thinkers Media also provides full video production for your TV commercial as well as radio production. We can also create a custom jingle for your company.

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