People don’t search keywords on Google, Yahoo or Bing when they’re bored. They search for keywords when they are ready to buy. From a sales funnel point of view, people who are searching in your area for the services you offer, are at the lowest point of the funnel and are the most likely to convert. In addition, Google’s most recent stats say that over 65% of people still click on the top paid ads that show up on search result pages. Big Thinkers Media has the expertise and experience to help put your business in front of people who are searching for your business services in your area. We know what it takes to make your quality score the best it can be. What does that mean for you? Lower cost per click, lower cost per conversion and increased traffic to your website. Search engine marketing has become more and more complicated. Desktop, mobile and voice searches can all produce different results. We know how to optimize each campaign so that you are appearing at the top of every search, no matter what type of search or device. We also GUARANTEE that you’ll have a real live human being optimizing your campaign for you. No “set it and forget it” mentality that you get with most search engine marketing providers. Contact us today and we will even offer you a FREE competitive analysis. We can tell you what your top competitors are spending on search engine marketing and what it would take for you to be competitive in your local market. Email us for your free competitive analysis at: