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Many people often confuse the terms SEM and SEO. Search engine marketing refers to the paid placement ads on the top of Google searches. Search engine optimization refers to the organic placement of your website on search engine results pages. The easiest way to remember the difference is M = money (paid ads) and O = organic (natural ranking.)

SEM is one of the first things most businesses should invest in because you are placing your business ad in front of people who are at the “bottom of the funnel” and actively looking for services that your business provides. When was the last time did a Google search for “car repair near me” just for fun?

At Big Thinkers Media, SEM is our specialty. We are a Google Premier Partner and Certified in Google Analytics. We have several years of experience working with Google and know exactly what it takes to optimize your campaign. We have a dedicated Google Analyst who speak with regularly to discuss the optimization for each of our campaigns.

While most large companies may optimize your SEM campaign once a month and use robots with a set it and forget it method, we monitor and optimize campaigns each week and use human optimization. We also provide a dashboard that you can log in to 24/7 and see real-time results from your campaign.

While clicks and impressions are important to any campaign, we focus on trackable and measurable conversions with your SEM. We set every campaign up to track and convert phone calls, form fills and even store visits. It is now possible to track if someone saw your business ad on a Google search and then if that same person physically showed up at you place of business.

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