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Social Media is no longer only being used by teenagers. In fact, the biggest growth population for social media platforms like Facebook are Baby Boomers. These are people with expendable income who are actively using social media platforms everyday.

Big Thinkers Media has a team of social savvy experts as well as a full-time dedicated social media manager to help onboard, execute and monitor each social media campaign.

Whether it’s an online video or a series of online display banner ads, we can help you put your company’s brand and message in front of a targeted audience.

Social Media platforms allow us to target your ideal audience, the people who are most likely to buy and use your company’s product. You don’t have to waste time and money marketing to people who don’t fit your ideal target demographic.

The reporting we provide for our social media campaigns is also very detailed. We have several different calls to action and they vary depending on what actions you want your potential customers to take.

For example, you can choose between having customers call a phone number, fill out a lead form, or click to a website URL. Our monthly reporting allows you to see every action and helps determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable ways to market your business. If you haven’t tried social media marketing yet, or you’ve only boosted posts on Facebook but haven’t used the full targeting capabilities through Facebook Ads Manager, I highly suggest you try it. Unlock the power of social media marketing and reach a new audience you might not have reached yet.

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