65.6 million people in the US use Spotify, and 60% of Spotify’s subscribers use the free version. That means a majority of the people who subscribe are able to hear streaming audio ads from your business.

With Spotify, you are able to target your demographic audience based on location, age range, muci genre, music playlists and other interests. 

At Big Thinkers Media, we are able to create a dynamic audio commercial with a clear message and call to action for your business.

We also create the graphic image that accompanies the audio commercial for people to click on. We can direct people to any url you wish, including a social media page or your company’s website.

Spotify typically has very high minimum spends required to place ads on their platform, but we have a business account that allows us to place streaming audio ads on Spotify without your business having to spend thousands of dollars per month.

The reporting on Spotify is one thing that sets it apart from traditional radio advertising. You able to get a monthly report showing the number of impressions, clicks and click through rate your streaming radio ad generated, helping you calculate your return on investment. 

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