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Video accounts for 73% of ALL website traffic on the internet. A recent study said that by 2021, that number will rise to more than 85%. As internet speeds increase and streaming video content becomes more and more popular, video ads will continue to dominate internet marketing.

Video ads today generate 4x as many sales conversions as static banner ads.

With video stats like these, it’s even more important that your company produce quality videos to attract and convert customers in today’s fast-paced thumb scrolling online environment.

At Big Thinkers Media, we have several years of broadcast television production, feature film production, music video production and even producing content for a very popular YouTube channel.

We also understand the different formats and time requirements for each online medium when it comes to digital marketing. For example, Spotify audio ads only allow 30 second ads, while Facebook and Instagram only allow 15 second paid ads on their platforms.

We pride ourselves on being able to create unique and dynamic video content at an affordable price. We put every dollar we can in “front” of the camera, meaning what see on the screen matters much more than what we spend “behind” the camera.

Our video quality compares favorably against other companies who charge steep prices. Compare our videos side by side and you won’t be able to tell the difference, other than the thousands more you might have spent with another company.

We use the highest quality HD video cameras, have a full set of professional lighting equipment, and use state of the art audio gear to capture beautiful images.

We then put our talented team of graphic designers, video editors and motion graphics artists to work to make your great looking video even better.

“I was in my sales meeting and everyone in the room complimented Big Thinkers Media on how great your spots look. They look very high end.” – Rowdie Pate, KSN Wichita

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