Chip and JoAnna Gaines Inspirational Stories - Big Thinkers Media

Earlier this week, I got to attend a private meet and greet party where I was able to hear some inspirational stories from Chip and JoAnna Gaines, the stars of the hit TV show Fixer Upper. They each shared a story with the small group that was very inspirational and had some great lessons.

Chip shared a story about how he got started. As a young college student, he mowed lawns. He would drop off a crew, go to class and then pick his crew up again. He grew his lawn mowing company and made a whopping $30,000. Then Chip and his father found a home to buy and remodel. They flipped their first home before flipping was even a thing. On his first flip he made $30,000 and realized he could make the same amount of money in a few months as he did working on lawns all year long. When he met JoAnna, her dad would constantly ask Chip when he was going to get a “real job.” Chip kept getting better at what he did and eventually got to where he is now. He didn’t listen to anyone else asking him to take the traditional career path. He followed his dreams and his heart. Chip said that God gave them small challenges along the way so that they would be prepared for what they have today.

Joanna Gaines also shared a great story. When her and Chip were first starting out, she would constantly buy furniture that wasn’t right for the home she was staging. She wasn’t as savvy as she is now, so many times the pieces she would buy would be too small or too big, or just not right. She would return the furniture that wasn’t right over and over again. At one point, she got flagged by the furniture store’s HR department. Anytime she would step foot into the furniture store, one of the store managers would approach her and tell her she couldn’t shop at their store that day. The stores believes she was taking furniture home to copy the designs and then return them. Today, with their HGTV show Fixer Upper growing in popularity, those same stores that once denied her are now begging them to shop there and carry their line of furniture.

I mentioned out loud that it reminded me of the famous scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts goes shopping for clothes and the salesperson from Rodeo Drive refuses to help her. Later Julia Roberts returns to the store and asks, “do you work on commission? That’s too bad.”